Heating Sarah's Leggings, M/f

My beautiful BabyGirl Sarah Gregory got these incredibly thin, super-tight leggings, so it just had to be done. To make things more interesting, it was right after the Lone Star Spanking Party, and Sarah's bottom was very, very tender. No matter. A hard OTK spanking followed by corner time. A seat-searing slippering followed by tim... JOIN FOR MORE

Scalding SarahDise's Shorts, M/f

Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Pure spanking, as new sensation SarahDise takes a hard OTK spanking, then a butt-blistering strapping, and finally bends over for an ass-scalding paddling with a plywood paddle.

Sarahdise's Arrest, MM/f

Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Sassy little SarahDise is brought to the door by a policeman, who has a black eye. It seems that SarahDise gave him the black eye when he tried to arrest her. Daddy is having none of this and tans his recalcitrant charge on no uncertain terms then stands her in humiliating corner time. But her humil... JOIN FOR MORE

Raven vs the Principal, M/f

Naughty Raven MacKenzie gets paddled at school. Then she gets THREE spankings at home from Daddy. And finally, she gets ANOTHER, harder paddling at school again. Little Ms MacKenzie won't be sitting down any time soon after this,

Three Tanned Troublemakers, M/ffm

Filmed at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Three friends, LilBabyBoy Joey, Amy Fox, and Nyxi Leon, are all in big trouble, and their bottoms are going to pay the price. Each gets a total of four hard spankkngs, including two wit straps and a paddle. That's a seat-scalding TWELVE spankings in one video series!!

Paddled PJs, M/f

Adorably naughty Ava Nyx gets a sound spanking over real life Daddy Tubaman's knee, then is sent to the corner.

Sore Schoolgirl Melody, M/f

Naughty schoolgirl Melody Nore really gets put through her paces in this video. First, she is both spanked AND paddled in her schoolgirl skirt. Then, the skirt is lifted and the seat of her panties is punished. And finally, her panties are taken down and her bare, red, and VERY sore bottom is blistered with a hard spanking nd a seat-searin... JOIN FOR MORE

Paddling Kitty Catherine - Pantyhose, M/f

Pure spanking. Gorgeous Kitty Cathleen bends over for two consecutive paddlings with a wooden paddle while facing a mirror so you can enjoy her anguished expressions as she is punished by Tubaman.

Paddling Ember - Leggings, M/f

Gorgeous Sweet Ember bends over for a double paddling in her tissue-thin, skintight leggings, so hard that she can't sit down afterwards.

Paddling Briella, M/f

In her first-ever SPANKING101 shoot, leggy Florida beach bunny Briella Jaden bends over for a hard paddling that has her hopping like a bunny, vigorously rubbing her burning behind.