Sore Butts for Volleyball Nuts, M/fff

Sassy volleyball players Sarah Gregory, Lily Swan, and Amy Fox get into trouble at school and pay for it with red, sore bottoms. First, each naughty girl must bend over for a hard paddling on the thin seat of her volleyball shorts. Then, they must take their shorts down for an old-fashioned bare-bottom scorching.

Key vs The Principal, MM/f

Naughty Key Winds is in big trouble at schools and she gets the seat of her tight jeans blistered by Principal Tubaman. Then her man finds out about it and spanks her bare, sore bottom until she is howling, then stand her in the corner. THEN, she is sent BACK to the Principlanad must bend over for a SECOND, harder paddling to her very, ver s... JOIN FOR MORE

Happy Birthday, Ava!, M/f

Adorable Ava Nyx celebrates her 30thh birthday the old-fashioned way, with birthday spankings from her real life Dominant Tubaman. 2 OTK spankings, a leather paddling, a cropping, and a belting all guarantee a birthday Ava will remember every time she sits down.

Key's 2-on-1 Spankings, MM/f

Naughty little Key Winds is on the phone with a friend nd is seriously bashing Tubaman and Bob DJ. Unfortunately for her bottom, they both heard it all. 2 hard spankings later, a very contrite Key apologizes to both Doms, then has to tell her friend what happened, but not while sitting down. Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party.

Harley "Havoc", M/f

Naughty Harley Quinn tries to assassinate Mr J, and pays for it dearly. She gets soundly spanked across his knee, then is stood in humiliating time out. Not sure she has learned her lesson, he then bends her over and paddles her until she is truly contrite, then stands her back in time out to think about her bad behavior.

Heated Hooters Shorts, Mf

Stunning Sarah Gregory dons an authentic Hooters outfit and takes a hard spanking followed by an ass-scalding paddling on the seat of her shorts, then on the seat of her pantyhose, then on her very red, sore bare bottom, all from real life Daddy Tubaman. That a total of SIX butt-scorching spankings for the beautiful Ms Gregory. And you get tw... JOIN FOR MORE

The BabySitter From Hell!, MF/fff

Very professional babysitter Kajira Bound puts on a perfect act in front of Daddy Tubaman when preparing to watch over his kids Ava Nyx and Kitty Quinn. Then, as soon as he leaves: spankings, strippings, corner time, humliation, and even thermometers up the two innocent girls' butts. Then Daddy gets home. Time for some revenge!! Sa... JOIN FOR MORE

Ava the Bacon Thief, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx keeps stealing realize Daddy Dom Tubaman's bacon and gets caught and soundly spanked. Then, you know the rule: "A spanking during the day means a spanking at bedtime." So Little Miss Bacon Thief goes to bed sleeping on her tummy.

Amy's Schoolgirl Punishments, MF/f

Headmaster John Osborne is welcoming new Assistant Sarah Gregory to her disciplinary chores, and sassy Amy Fox gives both of them plenty of practice. First, naughty Amy gets the seat of her panties blistered, then her bare bottom, by the firm-handed Headmaster, plus the added embarrassment of not being able to sit down next to the pretty new ass... JOIN FOR MORE

Alice vs The Principal, Female/Female Version, FM/f

Naughty Alice Michaels is sent to Principal Sarah Gregory for punishment and Ms Gregory wastes no time in heating the seat of her tight jeans, then sends her home to face Daddy Tubaman. When he gets home it is "A spanking at school means a spanking at home," so Tubaman blisters her bare bottom, so severely that she can't sit down ... JOIN FOR MORE