Paddling Key - Jeans

Cropping Kajira, M/f

Beautiful leggy redhead Kajira Bound gets the seat of her tiny shorts heated with a wicked, stingy crop by Tubaman. She assumes the position and takes three sets of twelve of the best, with a break between each set to rub her smarting rear end. She is then put into stress position in the corner until she has learned her lesson.

Crop Technique, F/f

Beautiful nude Pandora Blake puts stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford through her paces in this educational video about the crop. Pandora shows a few things not to do, then a TON of great things TO do, all on gorgeous Amelia's red, sore bum.

Chastised Cheerleaders, M/fff

Three naughty cheerleaders, Sarah Gregory, Amy Fox, and Lily Swan, get into a fight and are sent to Tubaman for discipline. He takes each over his knee and lights up the seats of their panties. Soon three sore young ladies are lined up in time out, rubbing the seats of their underwear. He leaves for a few minutes, and they get into ANOTHER fi... JOIN FOR MORE

The Babysitter from Hell, MF/fff

One of beautiful Kajira Bound's most brilliant performances ever! Sadistic babysitter Kajira puts her innocent charges Ava Nyx and Kitty Quinn through serious paces, just because. She soundly spanks both multiple times, following each with humiliating naked corner time. Then she crams thermometers into their tender rectums. When Domi... JOIN FOR MORE

Torturing Ava

My adorable little Subbie Ava was in the mood for some serious pain, so I gladly obliged. I punished her breasts and nipples with crop and cane, Cropped and caned her inner and outer thighs, Bastindo, and Rubber paddle to her thighs, tummy, and breasts. The result: a beautiful nude little Subbie covered with welts and happy as Hell And one ... JOIN FOR MORE

Tanning TikToks, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx dons these skintight TikTok leggings and takes hard OTK spanking from real life DaddyDom Tubaman. Then she bends over for a paddling to her tender behind. Afterwards, time out. Then she must sit on her blazing butt for her Dom's amusement.

Wooden Sword Technique, M/f

An educational video with Tubaman and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Tubaman takes a wooden sword and uses it as a super-stingy paddle in two positions, followed by corner time.

Punished Kitten, M/f

Two scenes of naughty kitten Ava Nyx getting her tail warmed by real life Dominant Tubaman. 1) Tubaman and Kitten are playing with the lazer beam, but he needs to do some work, so gets on his computer. Kitten still wants his attention, so she pesters him, eventually nipping him. He snatches her up and blisters her bottom before sending he to the... JOIN FOR MORE

Chastised Cowgirl, M/f

Sassy Sarah Gregory has been smarting off to her real life Daddy Tubaman, making fun of his Texas heritage. She quickly finds out how a Texas Dom handles a little smartass Brat!