Ava's Spandex Spankings - Red, M/f

Little Ava Nyx's evil sister Sarah Gregory got her these skimpy, tissue-thin, skintight red spandex shorts because she KNEW exactly what I would do as soon as I saw her in them. Oh Hell yes! Adorable Ava gets spanked and strapped in them until she is howling and hoping like a bunny.

Japanese Schoolgirl Spankings, M/f

So I ordered this adorable Japanese schoolgirl gym outfit for my beautiful little Subbie Ava Nyx. The rest you can only imagine: OTK spankings, strappings, paddlings, corner time, clothespins, you name it!

Kajira's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Beautiful leggy redhead Kajira Bound takes hard spankings and seat-scalding paddings in a number of sexy outfits including nude.

Ava Denied, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx is grounded from orgasms, and real life Daddy Tubaman has to leave for a spell and reminds her what happened the last time she disobeyed him. Unfortunately, Ava is really horny and can't control herself and soon puts her vibrator to good use and has an earth-shattering orgasm. Even MORE unfortunately, Tubaman comes home e... JOIN FOR MORE

Two Punished Cheerleaders, M/ff

Two sassy cheerleaders, Kajira Bound and Amy Fox, spend an entire schoolday in Principal Tubaman's office getting repeatedly spanked and paddled. By day's end, each has been punished SIX times, and neither will be sitting down for a week.

Ava's "Peel" Spankings, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx misbehaved on a trip with real life Daddy Tubaman and now her butt is going to pay for it. Four spankings, each more severe than the last, each followed by embarrassing corner time for the wayward little Brat.

Smoldering Gold, M/f

Jayda's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Sexy Jayda Blayze dons multiple hot outfits and gets spanked and paddled in each, a total of EIGHTEEN hard punishments!

Ava's Lift and Carry Punishments, M/f

Adorable little Ava Nyx gets spanked and spanked, and spanked again by real life Daddy Tubaman, each time in a different lift and carry position: Cradle and Flip Captain Morgan Over the Shoulder

Kajira's Long Day, MF/ff

Naughty Kajira Bound spends a very long day getting soundly spanked by Momma Sarah Gregory and Principal Tubaman. Along the way Momma gets a few spankings of her own.