Rachel's 200 + 12 Punishments, M/f

Naughty Rachel Adams gets spanked hard on her skintight jeans over Tubaman's knee. Then she must bend over for twelve hard licks with a wooden school paddle. Next, it's back over Tubaman's knee for a spanking in her super-thin leggings. And finally, she bends over for a paddling to her very sore bottom.

Two Girls Getting It In The End, M/ff

Naughty Ava Nyx and Kajira Bound are expressly forbidden by Tubaman to mess with the medical equipment he has laid out for a shoot. So, of course, the minute he leave, they get into it: breast examinations, rectal temperatures, and finally huge enemas. Then Tubaman returns early. So two naughty Subbies end up with red, sore bottoms!

Sore Secretary, M/f

Sassy secretary Ava Nyx gets spanked repeatedly by boss Tubaman. First, a hard spanking on her shorts, so hard she needs a pillow to sit down. Then the shorts come down and she is soundly spanked on her thin pantyhose. This time she needs TWO pillows. Then a bare bottom paddling and an admonition to come to work more femininely attired. Ava s... JOIN FOR MORE

Punishing Harley Quinn, M/f

Sassy Nova Roo just will not admit that she is not REALLY supervillain Harley Quinn, so Tubaman decides to "convince" her otherwise. First, a hard spanking over his knee, followed by embarrassing corner time, not exactly the treatment a supervillain normally receives. Next, a butt-blistering belting that renders Nova unable to sit d... JOIN FOR MORE

Ember's Three Swats, M/f

Naughty Ember is in the Principal's Office and it's paddling time! To make things worse, she curses, so she gets FIVE swats instead of three. Afterwards, she can't sit down.

Bad Report Card, M/f

Naughty schoolgirl Ava Nyx got three F's on her report card, and was reported for writing a vulgar haiku. That's going to cost her. Three spankings and a bare-bottom paddling later, little Miss Nyx is going to be writing 1,000 lines, standing up, of course.

Sarah's Long Week with Daddy, MF/f

Naughty Sarah Gregory is driving Mommy Bernadette crazy with her bad behavior, so she sends Sarah to her estranged Daddy Tubaman for discipline. After a week of hard spankings, cornertime, chores and exercises, Sarah is ready to behave. She reports to Bernadette doe a series of spankings of her own.

Ava's Naughty Birthday, M/f

Little Ava Nyx is feeling a little bratty on her birthday, so when she smashes her birthday cupcake in real life Dominant Tubaman's face, she pays for it with her bottom . . . Twice/

Joey's 200 Plus 12 Punishments, M/f

Naughty Little BabyBoy Joey takes multiple spankings and paddlings in tight jeans, spandex pants, and totally bare-assed, all by sadistic Tubaman. Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party.

Product Review: Imprint Paddle-Slut, M/f

Product demonstration of the Imprint Paddle - SLUT, by Evolved Desires. Nude Ava gets soundly spanked by real life Dominant Tubaman until she is hopping like a bunny.