Michael and Zoe at Home, M/f

Real life partners Michael Stamp and Zoe Page star in this series of charming scenes. 1) Post Party Argument: High-spirited Zoe misbehaved at a party and embarrassed Michael, so he puts her over his knee and warms her recalitrant bottom, then stands her in embarrassing time out. 2)Zoe decides it would be a great idea to mouth off from the cor... JOIN FOR MORE

Four Girls, Thirty-Two Swats, Four Spankings!, MF/ffff

Naughty schoolgirls Ava Nyx, Cleo Divine, Nuna Starks, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with Principal Tubaman and their bottoms are going to pay dearly. They bend over side-by-side as he blisters their miscreant behinds with a plywood Spencer Paddle. After an ear-burning scolding, they are sent home to face a very angry Miss Anna. Eac... JOIN FOR MORE

Live Shoot: Tanning The TSA, MM/ffff - Lone Star Spanking Party 2017

Live Shoot: The Senator's Daughters, M/fff - Lone Star Spanking Party 2016

Shot in front of a live audience at the 2016 Lone Star Spanking Party. Naughty daughters Ava Nyx and Kajira Bound have been spending Senator Tubaman's charity funds. The good senator blisters each girl over his knee, then paddles them side-by-side until they admit that mom Amelia Jane Rutherford was the instigator. Amelia quickly find... JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Long Schoolday, M/f

Stunning Sarah Gregory suffers a very long day at school taking multiple spankings, strappings, and paddings. By the end of the day, she has been spanked an ass-scorching NINE times, all by real life Daddy Tubaman.

Paddling Lisa, M/f

Pure spanking. Leggy Amateurspankings star Lisa takes two seat-scorching paddings in a row, her bottom already tender from hours of spankings.

Lisa's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Gorgeous Lisa is back for more! This time she dons four sexy outfits and takes four hard spankings followed by four butt-blistering paddings. As an added bonus, Lisa lifts the back of her dress to reveal her beet red, bruised bottom, which she rubs soothingly.

Lisa OTK, M/f

Amateurspankings superstar Lisa gets her bottom scorched with a good, hard, old-fashioned spanking.

Lily's Long Week with Daddy, M/f

Drop-dead gorgeous Lily Swan is sent to her Daddy's place for a week of well-deserved discipline. Spankings, strappings, croppings, forced exercises, writing lines, and an seat-scorching paddling result in a much improved attitude for the recalcitrant Ms Swan.

Lily Swan's Outfits Spankings No. 2, M/f

Pure spanking of a gorgeous woman! Stunning Lily Swan takes fiver hard OTK spankings, each followed by a butt-burning paddling, just because we want to!