Website Whuppins, MF/fff

Sarah Gregory is in charge of the IT for the Lone Star Spanking Party, and things are not good. So, real life DaddyDom warms her bottom and tells her to fix it. Sarah calls in her IT team of Ava Nyx and Alice Michaels and spanks each over her knee with hand and slipper. Then she bends the two naughty girls over for a painful side-by-side b... JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked in Spanx - Sarah Gregory Version, M /f

The original Spanked in Spanx version, with my naughty real life BabyGirl Sarah Gregory. First, she gets a sound spanking in her skintight Spanx across my knee, followed by embarrassing corner time. To add to the fun, Amy Fox and Kajira Bound both make fun of her, and both end up across her knee and then on the very corner where she was origi... JOIN FOR MORE

Schoolgirl Amy's Punishments, M/f

It's a long day for sassy schoolgirl Amy Fox as she gest sent to the Principal's Office multiple times for hard punishments. By the day's end, she is one sore schoolgirl!

Sarah's Schoolgirl Spankings, M/f

Sassy schoolgirl Sarah Gregory misbehaves and is sent to Principal Tubaman for punishment. Sore bottom or no, she is a little slow to get the message, smarting off multiple times and earning more spankings and paddlings for her trouble.

Ava's Outfits Spankings, No. 4, M/f

Adorable Ava Nyx takes five hard spankings, followed by five seat-scalding paddlings, plus tons of embarrassing corner time, all by real-life Dominant Tubaman. Just because.

Hide and Spank, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx is in Florida at FetishCon and decides to hide from real life Dominant Tubaman. He catches her, strips her, soundly spanks her, paddles her, and introduce her to shaved ginger root in her bottom . . .

Punishing Ultragirl, M/f

Superheroine UltraGirl (AKA Rachel Adams) has been getting into trouble, and it is time for some old-fashioned discipline. Tubaman takes away her superpowers and quickly takes action: First, a hard OTK spanking. Then, a super-stingy cropping. Next, it's back over the knee for the hairbrush. And finally, the sore superhero bends ... JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Leggings Punishments, M/f

Nobody rocks a pair of leggings like stunning Sarah Gregory. In this series Sarah dons six different pairs of leggings and takes a spanking AND a paddling in each.

All In The Family, MM/ff

Naughty Ava Nyx and her husband JC are visiting with her Daddy Tubaman and his wife Ana. The ladies get into it multiple times and get soundly spanked until they can't sit down, then placed in embarrassing corner time until they learn to get along.

Ava's Outfits Spankings, No. 2, M/f

Adorable Ava Nyx gets soundly spanked, then triple cropped and cornered in four hot outfits: super-skimpy spandex volleyball shorts, thin panties and bra, stingy purple pantyhose, and my personal favorite, skintight jeans.