Kitty's Long Schoolday, M/f

Leggy Kitty Theory is in very big trouble! After years if being a novel student, in her senior year she has decided it is OK to act up at school. BAD IDEA!! Kitty's parents and Principal Tubaman decide it is time for some serious attitude adjustment, and poor Kitty's bottom pays the price, ELEVEN TIMES!

Key's Jeans Special, M/f

Button-cute Key Winds gets her adorable little bottom blistered while wearing skintight jeans, each spanking followed by humiliating corner time. Key gets it with hand, paddled, and stingy rubber slipper.

Good Scolding, M/f

Adorable Kat St James takes a loaving, but ear-burning scolding, then a rear-burning spanking, then embarrassing corner time, all from Tubaman.

Strapping Galas, F/f

Strict Sarah Gregory blisters naughty Galas Looner's bottom with a strap.

Delta's Long Schoolday, MF/ff

Gorgeous Delta Hauser has a very long, painful schoolday, receiving a butt-scorching TEN spankings and paddlings. She DOES get a small break when she gets I spank kid sister Ava Nyx for tattling.

Dana Specht Warms Sarah's Bluejeans Shorts, F/f

Real life Momma Dana Spect warms the seat of beautiful Sarah Gregory's tight blue jeans shorts. Pure spanking with two of the Scene's biggest stars.

Ava's and Lily's Long Schoolday, M/ff

Sassy sisters Ava Nyx and Lily Swan stay in trouble all day long with firm Principal Tubaman. By the end of the day, they have received an ass-searing TWENTY-ONE spankings, strappings, and paddlings. These two young ladies will be attending their classes standing up for the foreseeable future.

Ava and Kiki vs The Principal, M/ff

Naughty friends Ava Nyx and Kiki Cali get into lots of trouble with strict Principal Tubaman and pay for it with red, sore bottoms. First, each gets spanked soundly, then stood in the corner. Next, they are paddled hard side-by-side. Unfortunately their punishments don't stop there. Secretary Aria Lennox marches them back into the ... JOIN FOR MORE

Kitty Catherine OTK - BabyGirl, M/f

Adorable Kitty Catherine showed up for our first shoot in this cute BabyGirl onesie, so it just HAD to be done! First, over my knee . . . Second, straight to the corner.

Cat's Marital Dispute, M/f

Naughty Cat is having an argument with hr newlywed husband and she is determined to come back home nd stay with Daddy. Daddy disagrees, and. shows how MUCH he disagrees by warming Cat's bottom until she agrees to go back to her new husband.