Seven Scorched Bottoms, MF/fffffff

Seven naughty girls wait outside the Principal's Office for their paddlings. Kajira Bound, Mia Hope, Nova Roo, Briella Jaden, Britteni Bank, Paris Luv, and Kitty Quinn all listen in as each has to bend over the desk for butt-blistering paddlings.

Angelica's Long Schoolday, MF/f

Naughty Angelica Vee has a VERY long schoolday, filled with punishments, FIFTEEN hard spankings to be exact. Spankings, paddlings, corner time, spankings by Principal Tubaman and Coach Worthington result Ian Avery well-punished young lady.

Nyxi's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Naughty Nyxi Leon takes FIVE hard spankings and FIVE seat-scalding paddlings from Tubaman.

Sarah's Outfits Spankings No. 3, M/f

Beautiful Sarah Gregory tales a spanking AND a paddling in five sexy outfits including a slinky black skirt, Girl Scout uniform, schoolgirl uniform, and skintight shiny black volleyball shorts

Ava's Red Spankings, M/f

Adorable little Ava Nyx dons skintight shiny red spandex pants and takes FOUR hard spankings with hand, ruler, crop, and paddle from realize Daddy Tubaman.

Kajira's Day of Pranks, M/f

Sassy Kajira Bound is bored with Tubaman, who is ignoring her taunts. So, she decides to set up a day of pranks to goad the old guy into spanking her. But she gets a LOT more than she bargained for!!

Conveyor Belt Spankings, M/fffffff

Kajira Bound, Nova Roo, Briella Jaden, Kitty Quinn, Paris Luv, and Mia Hope are all in serious trouble with angry Tubaman. He lines them up, spanks them soundly, then spanks them AGAIN, then paddles and canes and straps them all.

A Letter to Mr U, M/f

Naughty Briella Jaden drank an entire bottle of Mr U's expensive whiskey, and her bottom is going to pay for it. Two hard spankings, the second with a hangover, a long, hard paddling, humiliating chores in skintight red punishment pants, and a rear end so sore she has to write her apology letter standing up.

Whitney Morgan vs Tubaman, M/f

An oldie but a goodie!! Gorgeous Whitney Morgan gets a hard punishment spanking, then a paddling that leaves her bruised and sore and whimpering in the corner, all from Tubaman.

Angelica's Lift and Carry Punishments, M/f

One of the disadvantages of being tiny is that it is easy for a big, mean Dom to lift you off your feet and wear your bottom out. And so it is with little Angelica Vee, who gets lifted, carried and SOUNDLY spanked THREE times by Tubaman.