Ava's Naughty Birthday, M/f

Little Ava Nyx is feeling a little bratty on her birthday, so when she smashes her birthday cupcake in real life Dominant Tubaman's face, she pays for it with her bottom . . . Twice/

Joey's 200 Plus 12 Punishments, M/f

Naughty Little BabyBoy Joey takes multiple spankings and paddlings in tight jeans, spandex pants, and totally bare-assed, all by sadistic Tubaman. Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party.

Product Review: Imprint Paddle-Slut, M/f

Product demonstration of the Imprint Paddle - SLUT, by Evolved Desires. Nude Ava gets soundly spanked by real life Dominant Tubaman until she is hopping like a bunny.

Goth vs Jock, M/mm

Jock Joey and Goth Riley keep fighting at school, so are sent to Principal Tubaman for discipline. He first spanks each soundly on the seat of his jean, then walks away to get some paperwork. Unfortunately, the two boys get into ANOTHER fight! So he drops their pants, bends each over, and blisters the seats of the underwear with a wooden p... JOIN FOR MORE

Product Review: Holey Paddle, M/f

Adorable Ava Nyx, jaybird naked, takes a paddling with the super-stingy Holey Paddle from real life Dominant Tubaman in this sexy and informative product review.

Princess vs Goth, M/ff

Princess Nova Roo and Goth Riley Noire keep fighting, so they are sent to Principal Tubaman for punishment. Each gets a painful trip across his knee, but they STILL fight! So, it's time for the paddle!

Wearing Out the Seat of Ava's Shorts, M/f

Sassy Ava Nyx is getting it again from real life Dominant Tubaman. This time he literally wears out the seat of her shorts.

Ember's Spanking Short, M/f

Gorgeous redhead Ember takes a hard OTK spanking, then bends over for the crop, and finally bares her bottom for the wooden paddle.

Ella's Long Schoolday, M/f

Adorable little Ella Raine keeps getting into trouble at school and gets spanked and paddled. By the end of the day, she has been spanked a total of TEN times! Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party.

Cornertime, F/f

Adorable little Audrey Lin takes SEVEN spankings from strict Sarah Gregory, each followed by a different version of corner time.