Punished for Pugilism, M/ff

Naughty Amelia Jane Rutherford and Kajira Bound got into a fight in the schoolyard that ended with Kajira over Amelia's knee for a humiliating public bare-bottom spanking. Principal Tubaman disapproves, and bares Amelia's bottom and soundly spanks her on front of her friend. The he bends both girls over his desk and paddles them sou... JOIN FOR MORE

Del's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Beautiful Delirious Hunter dons four sexy outfits and takes a spanking then a paddling or slippering in each, then tosses all her clothes and gets it totally nude!

Spanking BabyGirl Amy, M/f

Sassy BabyGirl Amy Fox is in big trouble, and Daddy Tubaman blisters her rear end good, first on her dress, then on the thin seat of her panties. Unfortunately, little Amy decides that this is a good time to throw a temper tantrum. Out comes Daddy's belt. Afterwards, naughty Amy has some trouble sitting down.

Jeggings On Fire, M/f

My beautiful BabyGirl Sarah Gregory showed up for a shoot in these amazing skintight "leggings." You know the rest: an OTK spanking, a slippering, a paddling, a strapping, lots of corner time, and a very, very hot bottom for the adorable Ms Gregory.

Punishing Isabella - Schoolgirl, M/f

Sexy Isabella Dollish, her bottom already tender from two spankings and two paddlings the previous day, is now sent back to the Principal for more discipline. An OTK paddling then a hard bare-bottom strapping result in a strong change in Ms Dollish's attitude.

Punishing Isabella - Pants, M/f

Sexy Isabella Dollish gets her bottom blistered multiple time when she gets crosswise with the strict Principal. Two spankings and two paddlings later, Isabella finds sitting to be very, very difficult.

Iris' Outfits Spankings, M/f

Beautiful Iris Sun takes multiple spankings and paddling in a number of tight and skimpy outfits, including totally nude. In total, she gets her bottom warmed SIXTEEN times!

Iris OTK - Leggings, M/f

Pure spanking. In her first-ever shoot for SPANKING101, gorgeous Iris Sun takes a long, hard spanking in her tissue-thin skintight leggings.

Iris OTK - Jeans, M/f

Pure spanking. Beautiful Iris Sun takes a long, hard OTK spanking in her skintight jeans.

SPANKING101's GWNN 25th Anniversary Bash Presentation, Class 1, M/ff

My beloved BabyGirl Sarah Gregory and Brat Ava Nyx and I were honored to present at the GWNN 25th Anniversary Bash. This is the first 90-minute class, broken onto 13 lessons.