Wooden Sword Technique, M/f

An educational video with Tubaman and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Tubaman takes a wooden sword and uses it as a super-stingy paddle in two positions, followed by corner time.

Punished Kitten, M/f

Two scenes of naughty kitten Ava Nyx getting her tail warmed by real life Dominant Tubaman. 1) Tubaman and Kitten are playing with the lazer beam, but he needs to do some work, so gets on his computer. Kitten still wants his attention, so she pesters him, eventually nipping him. He snatches her up and blisters her bottom before sending he to the... JOIN FOR MORE

Chastised Cowgirl, M/f

Sassy Sarah Gregory has been smarting off to her real life Daddy Tubaman, making fun of his Texas heritage. She quickly finds out how a Texas Dom handles a little smartass Brat!

Ava's Punishments, "Cussing," M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx is resolving to stop cussing, and real life Daddy Tubaman gives her a hand . . . and a paddle, and a hairbrush, and a strap . . . Ave gets spanked: OTK with hand, twice Paddled nude, then corner time Bare-bottomed strapping Hairbrush on her thin leggings And finally, over 1,000 swats with a hairbrush, a mouthful of soap, a... JOIN FOR MORE

Key's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Adorable Key Winds takes TEN spankings and paddlings in five different outfits. - Buttless tights - Minidress -Tiny pink shorts -Sheer pantyhose -Buttass naked!

A Letter to Mr Osborne, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx gets into trouble wth real life Dominant Tubaman nada spends three days getting spanked, canned, paddled, and strapped. Then she has to write a letter of apology, written while standing up, of course.

Key's Scalded Tights, M/f

Adorable Key Wind is soundly punished by Tubaman. Wearing only super-thin tights, she takes a hard spanking over his knee, then bends over for a butt-scalding paddling.

Key OTK - Volleyball Shorts, M/f

Naughty little Key Winds is getting it again. This time she is back in a very familiar position: across Tubaman's knee, getting the thin seat of her tight volleyball shorts scorched,

Are You Bored Now? M/f

Adorably naughty Ava Nyx and Daddy Tubaman are on vacation but little Ava is bored. After several stern warnings, she still acts out and gets a very NOT boring THREE hard spankings, each followed by non-boring corner time.

Cat's Marital Dispute, M/f

Sassy Cat comes storming in the door, swearing she is going to end her brand new marriage. Dad Tubaman disagrees. It takes three hard spankings, one with a super-stingy rubber spatula, plus two sessions of corner time to convince stubborn Cat to return home to. her husband. But Tubaman sends her home with gift . . . One that doubtless wil... JOIN FOR MORE