Cropping Kajira

Gorgeous Kajira Bound getting cropped HARD by Tubaman, then placed in an uncomfortable stress position in the corner. Problem is, while Kajira is in serious pain, she actually seems to be enjoying it a bit . . .

White Hot, M/f

My adorable Kitten Ava Nyx got these incredible skintight tissue-thin white spandex pants, so I just had take advantage. I thoroughly wore her out with hand, crop, strap, and paddle, just because she was so cute holding and hopping around and frantically rubbing her scalded behind.

Spanked for Sploshing, M/fff

Beautiful Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, and Kitty Quinn all get into a food fight and end up splashing Tubaman as well. Afterwards, three naughty nude girls get soundly spanked, then cropped and paddled. Afterwards, they must scrub the floors clean, on hands and knees, buck naked, and with toothbrushes.

Ava's Birthday Spankings - 2019 M/f

My adorable little Brat Ava Nyx and I spent a glorious there days together and part of our celebrations of her 31st birthday were her birthday spankings, five in total, all collected here for your enjoyment, and ours.

Kajira's Nude Spankings, M/f

Gorgeous redhead Kajira Bound takes four hard spankings wile completely nude. She gets it with hand, giant wooden spoon, strap, and wooden school padde from Tubaman.

Amy's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Leggy beauty Amy Fox dons several sexy outfits and takes a spanking and a paddling in each form Tubaman. Lots of embarrassing corner time as well!

Two Cheerleaders Tanned, MF/ff

Tow fake cheerleaders, Sarah Gregory and Amy Fox, misbehave constantly and gets spanked, paddled, strapped and slippered with by strict Momma Katherine Worthington and Principal Tubaman

Kitty's Pajamas Punishments, M/f

Sassy Kitty Quinn gets TWO hard bedtime spankings from Tubaman, one on the thin seat of her pajamas, and one on her bare, red, and very sore bottom, each followed by embarrassing corner time. Afterwards, bedtime, but sleeping on her tummy.

Spanking Plus Wedgies, M/f

Adorable little Ava Nyx is spanked four times with wedgies. First, she is simply yanked into a wedgie and spanked hard by real life Daddy Tubaman. Next, she is OTK getting spanked, and keeps putting her feet in the way, so Tubaman yanks her pants into a wedgie to keep her feet down. Next, Ava bends over for a paddling, and Tubaman decides to up ... JOIN FOR MORE

Ava's Spandex Spankings - Red, M/f

Little Ava Nyx's evil sister Sarah Gregory got her these skimpy, tissue-thin, skintight red spandex shorts because she KNEW exactly what I would do as soon as I saw her in them. Oh Hell yes! Adorable Ava gets spanked and strapped in them until she is howling and hoping like a bunny.