Paddling Lisa, M/f

Pure spanking. Leggy Amateurspankings star Lisa takes two seat-scorching paddings in a row, her bottom already tender from hours of spankings.

Lily's Long Week with Daddy, M/f

Drop-dead gorgeous Lily Swan is sent to her Daddy's place for a week of well-deserved discipline. Spankings, strappings, croppings, forced exercises, writing lines, and an seat-scorching paddling result in a much improved attitude for the recalcitrant Ms Swan.

Leila's First Spanking Short, M/f

Stunning Leila Hazlett gets her just deserts in this hot video! Three hard spankings over tuba man's knee ensure that the beautiful Ms Hazlett has earned her lesson. Afterwards, embarrassing corner time in a mirrored corner.

Kitty's Long Schoolday, M/f

Leggy Kitty Theory is in very big trouble! After years if being a novel student, in her senior year she has decided it is OK to act up at school. BAD IDEA!! Kitty's parents and Principal Tubaman decide it is time for some serious attitude adjustment, and poor Kitty's bottom pays the price, ELEVEN TIMES!

Pink Shorts, RED Bottom!, M/f

Gorgeous Key Winds shows up in these INCREDIBLE tiny pink shorts. There's only one thing to do: a stress test of the seat of said shorts. A good, hard spanking is followed by a rear-scalding paddling that has Key squirming and yelping. Key scampers out the door, both hands frantically ribbing her scorched butt.

Key's Miniskirt Spanking, M/f

Cute little Key Winds comes in wearing this tiny, slinky mini dress and gets soundly spanked, then paddled hard. Afterwards, we find out why she reacted to strongly; little Key is not wearing any panties!

Key's Jeans Special, M/f

Button-cute Key Winds gets her adorable little bottom blistered while wearing skintight jeans, each spanking followed by humiliating corner time. Key gets it with hand, paddled, and stingy rubber slipper.

Key's Buttless Pantyhose, M/f

Adorable little Key Winds shows up in nothing but a bra and pantyhose. Unfortunately, the pantyhose are missing something: a seat. Bad news for Key; GREAT news for us! Key gets soundly spanked, then paddled.

GWNN 25th Anniversary Bash Presentation, Part 2, "Implements", MF/ff

Gorgeous Sarah Gregory and adorable Scene sister Ava Nyx take multiple spankings in front of a live audience. Included are hand, paddle, strap, birch, cane, flogger, wooden spoon, boot horn, hairbrushes, bath brushes, slippers, and carpet beater.

Good Scolding, M/f

Adorable Kat St James takes a loaving, but ear-burning scolding, then a rear-burning spanking, then embarrassing corner time, all from Tubaman.