Ava's Lift and Carry Punishments, M/f

Adorable little Ava Nyx gets spanked and spanked, and spanked again by real life Daddy Tubaman, each time in a different lift and carry position: Cradle and Flip Captain Morgan Over the Shoulder

Kajira's Long Day, MF/ff

Naughty Kajira Bound spends a very long day getting soundly spanked by Momma Sarah Gregory and Principal Tubaman. Along the way Momma gets a few spankings of her own.

Punishing Madison, MF/f

Naughty Madison Swan gets into trouble snd gets spanked by the Principal, her Daddy, and her Momma.

Scalded Leggings, MF/fffffff

It's a spankapaloosa as seven naughty girls get soundly spanked in their thin, tight leggings. Kajira Bound, Nova Roo, Briella Jaden, Kitty Quinn, Paris Luv, Mia Hope, and Britteni Bank all get it good in this hot series.

Schoolgirl Angelica Punished, M/f

Naughty schoolgirl Angelica Vee shows up at Principal John Osborne's Office, rubbing her bottom, already sore from a spanking and a paddling earlier in the day, now in trouble again. In short order, she is spanked again, then paddled again!

Ava's Long Day, M/f

Naughty Ava Nyx has a VERY long day! She keeps misbehaving and getting punished. In the course of one day, she gets spanked, then spanked again, then paddled THREE times in a row, then spanked, then cornered, then paddled AGAIN, then cornered AGAIN, then finally spanked so hard that she has trouble getting into her pajamas before going to sle... JOIN FOR MORE

Angelica Spanked in Leggings, M/f

Adorable little Angelica Vee reports to Principal Osborne for a spanking and a paddling in her thin leggings.

Jayda's Nude Spankings, M/f

Beautiful Jayda Blayze strips naked and takes FOUTR hard spankings in a row, including two hard OTK spankings, one with hand and one with straplet, then bends over for a strapping and a paddling.

Riley's Long Day, M/f

Adorably naughty Riley Haze endures a day full of spankings from both her Dad and the school Principal. Also, corner time and soap in the mouth.

Madison's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Beautiful Madison Swan gets spanked and paddled in SEVEN sexy outfits for a total of FOURTEEN butt-scorching punishments!