Frequently Asked Questions

Problems with the website

Q. I can't access the website and/or play videos.

A. You can contact me here for assistance with the website.

Membership / Cancellation

Q. How often do you update?

A. Spanking101 updates FIVE times per week with videos and their accompanying picture sets.

Q. How long are your videos?

A. The videos vary in length from maybe 4 minutes to as many as 45. EVERY video includes at least one complete spanking, and some as many as SIXTEEN. For longer videos, we offer shorter clips (easier and faster to download), then the complete video.

Q. What formats are your videos?

A. We offer videos in three formats: .wmv, .mov, and .mp4

Q. What will I have on my credit card statement?

A. "101 Entertainment".

Q. How easy is it to cancel my membership to your site?

A. Head over to CCBill cancel page for all the info you need. You'll need two of these three things: your email address, CC# and Subscription ID. If you do not have two of those contacting CCBill by email. Finally, if you have tried the CCBill Cancel Form and emailing CCBill without success you can contact me here

Models Wanted

Q. Do you hire models for your site?

A. Yes! If you are interested in modeling for Spanking101, please contact Tubaman at or Tubaman on FetLife.

Other Products

Q. Do you have DVDs available of your videos?

A. Yes. You can purchase DVDs of my videos at Most videos include as many as 17 full videos!