Alice's Punishments

Adorable Alice Michaels in her first-ever video! Naughty Alice has an attitude and refuses to get up out of her chair, so Tubaman yanks her up and tosses her over his knee and blisters her misbehaving rear end. He leaves for a short while and Alice decides to try sitting down. Bad idea. So Tubaman returns and has Alice strip to her skimpy under... JOIN FOR MORE

Bathbrush Technique

Gorgeous Julianne Leigh takes the evil bath brush four seat-sizzling times, plus a hard bare bottom spanking. Her last bath brush spanking is on her nude, wet rear end, pulled out of the shower and spanked until she howls.

Punishing Audrey

Sexy Audrey Lin takes a hard spanking and then a hard paddling, including two embarrassing stints in corner time, rubbing her sore bottom.

Bad Scolding

Adorable Kat St. James participated in this demonstration of a bad scolding, with abusive language and severe, uncontrolled punishment. Kat is a beloved friend of mine and this was actually very difficult to do.

Paddling Amelia

Stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford takes a full-out paddling wi8th a hard plywood paddle that has her hopping and rubbing her burning bottom. Pure paddling.

Backscratcher Technique

One of our technique series, but still sexy as hell, with gorgeous Carissa Montgomery taking several hard spankings with a bamboo backscratcher as well as some tickling.

Sarah's Outfits Spankings, No. 1

Pure spanking. Beautiful Sarah Gregory dons five different outfits including a thin, tight leather skirt, a pair of tight jeans, some tight jeans shorts, some skintight black spandex exercise pants, and a cheerleader outfit, and takes both a spanking AND a paddling in each. That's Sarah Gregory, five spankings, and five paddings!! Is it Ch... JOIN FOR MORE

Adriana OTK

Sexy Brazilian bombshell Adriana Evans takes a long, hard spanking with a mean leather paddle from hard-swinging Mandie Rae. After a VERY firm seat-scalding, Adriana retreats to corner time and frantically rubs her madly stinging butt.

Spanking + Latex

Part of our Spanking Plus series, where we add something to the spanking. In this episode, smoking hot Sarah Gregory dons a skintight red latex jumpsuit and gets her gorgeous bottom soundly spanked, TWICE! After a vigorous rub, Sarah talks with the viewer about it and offers advice about how to make the most of the experience.

Amelia's American Punishment

Leggy Brit Amelia Jane Rutherford finds herself in a pickle. She's been misbehaving badly in her American school and is sent to the Principal's Office. Shocked by the barbaric disciplinary rules in the states, naughty Amelia still must take a long, hard spanking over the knee, then must bend over for an ass-scorching school paddling. Co... JOIN FOR MORE