Cane Technique, VW, M/f

Adorable Lily Star joins Tubaman in this demonstration of basic caning techniques.

Burning Blue, M/f

Naughty Sarah Gregory has decided to adopt an attitude. Unfortunately, it is with her grumpy, and hard-handed Daddy This is NOT going to turn out well! Over his knee she goes for a seat-searing spanking that includes a hard wedgie for putting her feet in the way. Next, as Sarah tries desperately to cool off her burning buns, she is forced to str... JOIN FOR MORE

Stevie's Outfits Spankings, M/f

Sexy Stevie Rose gets panned and paddled in a variety of outfits, including a sexy cowgirl, batgirl, pink lady, and HarleyQuinn.

Cane Types, M/fff

Kat St. James, Purple, and Amour star in this extensive demonstration of cane types. The two girls are caned with thirteen different canes. By the end they are very, very sore.

Butt Battle No. 1, F/f

Two pf the Scene's most popular Bottoms, Ten Amorette and Adriana Evans, go toe to toe, or so to speak, in an epic Battle Of The Butts! OTK, strappings, and paddlings. Who will stand victorious at the end???

Briella Bends Over, M/f

Pure spanking, and our first ever video wth beautiful Briella Jaden. Briella bends over for a hard cropping to her tender bottom that has her hoping to her feet to massage her blistered cheeks!

Bend Over Positions, M/f

Adorable Kat St James got WAY more than she bargained for when she offered to do this demonstration of bend over positions. NINE seat-scalding spankings later, including canings, paddling, and croppings, she is one very sore little girl!

Burnt Rope Martinet Technique

Part of our original 101 Educational Series. Beautiful Ten Amorette bends over for a seat-scorching flogging to her bare bottom with a wicked burnt rope martinet, a martinet made of poly rope which has the ends burnt to create very hard, stinging tips. Afterwards, Ten describes the effect in excruciating detail.

Paddling Lily, M/f

Naughty Lily Swan stands and waits for her paddling, wearing her tightest, thinnest bike shorts. Robert Sloane arrives with a severely stingy composite paddle and lays into her tender bottom with several hard strokes. The sting is so intense that Lily must stand and rub her burning bottom. But her punishment is still not over. She must now bend... JOIN FOR MORE

Bad Scolding, M/f

An unpleasant demonstration of an uncaring, selfing scolding, where the feelings of there Dom are more important than the safety and care of the Subbie. Kat St. James gets both spanked and whipped. Kat is a good friend and this in no way represents the way I would treat her in a real life situation.