Ava's Bedtime Spankings

It is time for cute little Ava Nyx to go to bed, but she really wants to watch TV instead. After two tries, Tubaman takes away her remote and tucks her in for what he hopes will be the last time. But naughty little Ava is one step ahead of the old guy, and pulls out a SECOND remote from under her pillow. However, Tubaman returns and finds her dis... JOIN FOR MORE

Harley's and Ava's Triple Threat

Sexy Harley Havik and adorable Ava Nicole have stayed out WAY past curfew and are trying to sneak in. Unfortunately, Tubaman and Miss Anna are awake and waiting. To make things worse, they blame Tubaman's BabyGirl Sarah Gregory. That will cost them! First, a hard double OTK spanking from the two Dominants that has the two naughty girls kic... JOIN FOR MORE

Alice's Punishments

Adorable Alice Michaels in her first-ever video! Naughty Alice has an attitude and refuses to get up out of her chair, so Tubaman yanks her up and tosses her over his knee and blisters her misbehaving rear end. He leaves for a short while and Alice decides to try sitting down. Bad idea. So Tubaman returns and has Alice strip to her skimpy under... JOIN FOR MORE

Adriana OTK

Sexy Brazilian bombshell Adriana Evans takes a long, hard spanking with a mean leather paddle from hard-swinging Mandie Rae. After a VERY firm seat-scalding, Adriana retreats to corner time and frantically rubs her madly stinging butt.

Spanking + Latex

Part of our Spanking Plus series, where we add something to the spanking. In this episode, smoking hot Sarah Gregory dons a skintight red latex jumpsuit and gets her gorgeous bottom soundly spanked, TWICE! After a vigorous rub, Sarah talks with the viewer about it and offers advice about how to make the most of the experience.

Amelia's American Punishment

Leggy Brit Amelia Jane Rutherford finds herself in a pickle. She's been misbehaving badly in her American school and is sent to the Principal's Office. Shocked by the barbaric disciplinary rules in the states, naughty Amelia still must take a long, hard spanking over the knee, then must bend over for an ass-scorching school paddling. Co... JOIN FOR MORE

Amelia vs. Pandora OTK

One of a two-part series where Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake each spank each other OTK then send each other to the corner. In this, the first, Amelia gets hers to the tune of a hard spanking over Pandora's knee. She then must go to the corner like a naughty child. Next, it's Pandora's turn!

Alice OTK

Just a sweet spanking of an adorable model Alice Michaels. Naughty Alice goes OTK for a hard spanking to the seat of her skintight, thin shorts, then is sent to embarrassing cornertime to soothe her burning behind. Alice's first-ever spanking video!

Lily's Strappings

Gorgeous Lily Swann takes NINE hard strappings in this educational video about various strap types. First she takes three strappings to the seat of her tight jeans, then two to the non-existent seat of her panties, then finally strips nude for her four hardest strappings. After each strapping, Lily rubs her burning bottom and describes in painful... JOIN FOR MORE

Lily's 3 Swats

Beautiful, athletic Lily Swann is a Little Miss Perfect who finally gets her well-deserved comeuppance. Three hard swats with a wooden paddle set the seat of her skintight pants ablaze, and Lily can't help but to hop up and frantically rub her burning bottom over and over. To add insult to injury, she can't sit down afterwards!