Paddling Lily, M/f

Naughty Lily Swan stands and waits for her paddling, wearing her tightest, thinnest bike shorts. Robert Sloane arrives with a severely stingy composite paddle and lays into her tender bottom with several hard strokes. The sting is so intense that Lily must stand and rub her burning bottom. But her punishment is still not over. She must now bend... JOIN FOR MORE

Bad Scolding, M/f

An unpleasant demonstration of an uncaring, selfing scolding, where the feelings of there Dom are more important than the safety and care of the Subbie. Kat St. James gets both spanked and whipped. Kat is a good friend and this in no way represents the way I would treat her in a real life situation.

Bend Over Positions, F/f

Sassy Sam James got more than she bargained for when she agreed to do this demo on bend over positions with hard-handed Natasha Miller. SEVEN hard spankings ensue, with hand, paddle and cane blistering her tender bottom!

Lily OTK, M/f

Pure spanking. Gorgeous Lily Swan takes a painful trip across the knee of firm-handed Robert for a spanking that has her yelping and squirming frantically, then vigorously rubbing her stinging bottom.

Key 2 on 1, MM/f

Petite Key Winds is adorable, but she can also be very naughty. Tubaman and BobDJ catch her smarting off, insulting them to her friend, and the result is two HARD spankings that make sitting down an impossibility for sassy little Key!

Alex 3 Swats, M/f

Naughty Alex Reynolds has never been spanked, so it is a real eye opener and butt burner when she pays a visit to the Principals Office and meets the Board of Education, applied vigorously to the seat of her skintight jeans. Alex will be better behaved from now on!

Two Tops, Two Bottoms, MM/ff

The best of the US and the UK meet face-to-face, or whatever . . . Beautiful Sarah Gregory and stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford take on the two Paul's, Paul Kennedy and Paul "Tubaman" Rogers in an international spankfest! EIGHT hard double OTK spankings are followed by two MORE seat-searing bend over spankings for the sore-botto... JOIN FOR MORE

Punishing Ava

Naughty Ava Nyx tries to sneak out dressed VERY provocatively, but Tubaman catches her. Bad. The when he scolds her about it, she cops an attitude. Worse. Then, when he tells her to take the clothes off, she does, but right there in front of him. Worst. So, over his knee she goes for a long, hard spanking, then humiliating corner time. But t... JOIN FOR MORE

Ava's Bedtime Spankings

It is time for cute little Ava Nyx to go to bed, but she really wants to watch TV instead. After two tries, Tubaman takes away her remote and tucks her in for what he hopes will be the last time. But naughty little Ava is one step ahead of the old guy, and pulls out a SECOND remote from under her pillow. However, Tubaman returns and finds her dis... JOIN FOR MORE

Harley's and Ava's Triple Threat

Sexy Harley Havik and adorable Ava Nicole have stayed out WAY past curfew and are trying to sneak in. Unfortunately, Tubaman and Miss Anna are awake and waiting. To make things worse, they blame Tubaman's BabyGirl Sarah Gregory. That will cost them! First, a hard double OTK spanking from the two Dominants that has the two naughty girls kic... JOIN FOR MORE